Rainbow Color I Love Gardening Mug for Gardeners
If you are looking for a gift for gardeners that really love color and rainbows then this is the mug for them!

This mug will color any kitchen or office with thoughts of their favorite place - the garden. These are permanent colors that will not fade no matter how many times it is used.

Give your gardener of choice this vibrant mug that allows them to declare their passion to the world. Manufactured in the USA with a 30 day guarantee, you know you are buying a quality gift when you purchase this coffee/tea mug.

Stylish Twitter Hashtag Gardening Mug Gift for Gardeners
If you know a Gardening fanatic who is also a Twitter or Social Media freak then this is the mug that will make their day!

This is as stylish and sophisticated as a coffee mug can get with it's minimalistic design. #gardening says it all.

For a gift that recognizes a gardeners passion and their savvy social media ways, you can't go past this mug. It is safe for the microwave and dishwasher and there are a variety of handle colors to suit all tastes.

Self Sufficiency Gardening Book Gift for Gardeners
This is an extremely popular self sufficiency gardening book gift for gardeners!

This book is a number 1 best seller and won a Best Books of the Month award on Amazon. THis book shows the reader how they can create their own mini-farm on a small plot of land, allowing for the vast majority of the families food needs to be met and opening up the opportunity to make thousands of dollars a month.

Gardeners are absolutely raving about this book due to the way the author (Brett Markham) takes complex concepts and explains them simply. The beautiful pictures and step by step instructions mean this book is a reference source that will be treasured by many for many years to come.